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Bala Thekkedath

Director of Marketing, NFV
Bala Thekkedath is the Director of Marketing for Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s
Telecommunications solutions. Bala has over 23 years of experience in the telecoms industry
and has previously worked at Ericsson, UTStarcom, Lucent Technologies and Tata Telecom.
Bala is deeply interested in evangelizing emerging technologies and innovative business models
for telecom services. He has been a regular speaker at SDN & NFV related industry events in
the past few years and has authored numerous articles and whitepapers in this domain –
including the recent “NFV for Dummies”. Bala holds MBA and MS in Telecommunications
Management degrees from Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA & a Bachelor’s
degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from MS University of Baroda, India.

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